Monday, February 19, 2018

2018 Home & Garden Show

Come and visit us at this year's Carolina Classic Home and Garden Show March 9th - 11th at the State Fairgrounds. We will be in booths 407 and 308 in the Goodman building. For more details go to .

Monday, February 12, 2018

T.H.E. Home from C&C Builders

It's a better way to build.
It's a better housing value.
It's T.H.E. Home from C&C Builders.

T.H.E. Home from C&C Builders is a better way of thinking about your new home. Now standard features that include modern housing technologies, products committed to a healthier home and construction materials that minimize their impact on our environment are built into each new C&C home. Each home still offers the same craftsmanship and can be personalized to the specific needs of any family. It's a better way to build. It's a better housing value. It's T.H.E. Home from C&C Builders.

• Air Barriers & Air Sealing
• Water Saver Faucets & Shower Heads
• Low VOC Carpet and Paint
• Advanced Framing Techniques
• Low-E Insulated Tilt-out Vinyl Windows & Doors
• CFL Bulbs in Light Fixtures with Applicable Globes
• HERS Rating by Third Party
• Programmable Thermostat
• Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing
• Energy Star Appliances
• R-38 Attic Insulation
• R-13 Walls Insulation
• Tankless Water Heater (Natural Gas Communities)
• Spacious Garden Tub in Master Bath (If plan allows)
• Homeowners Manual Provided at Closing
• Vapor Barrier in Crawlspace

Friday, February 2, 2018

The Most Important feature in any new home...The Builder.

With nearly 50 years of experience Cecil Brazell still believes in giving you personal attention and personal oversight of every aspect of your building process. He's there for you designing, customizing and building your new home. Now that's a builder who adds value to your home.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Resources for the Home Shopper

There are so many online tools and resources for today’s home shopper, there is no reason to be surprised or unprepared during your search.  The more information you have the better you are able to make a good decision for your family and negotiate your position when necessary.   Here are some of our recommendations on home buyer resources.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Understanding Homeowners Insurance

Purchasing homeowners insurance is a necessary part of buying a new home.  While it may seem tedious, this insurance protects your largest financial investment – your new home.
Insurance costs vary on the location of the home, age of the home, type of coverage needed and deductibles.
Go online to read about potential insurers and their customer service ratings. Typically insurance is purchased and then forgotten about so it’s helpful to see what customers with claims think about how their issues were handled.
It may help you save money to have your auto and homeowners insurance covered by the same company.
Your possessions such as clothing, electronics, and furniture are covered but if you have a special item that may exceed the included coverage make sure to mention that as a concern. It may require an addition to the standard policy.
A higher deductible will result in lower premiums. Go as high as you can since typically claims are filed only every 8-10 years.  Make sure you have the savings to cover that deductible should the worst happen.
Be sure to ask what the policy covers and what it doesn’t cover. Get all estimates in writing so you can price shop other companies while comparing apples to apples in coverage.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Tax Information for Homeowners

One of the many benefits of owning a home is the extra savings at tax time.  Yes owning a home is a great benefit when it comes to filing your taxes each year.  Whether you do your taxes on your own or use the services of a professional, make sure you take advantage of these tax savings opportunities.
Main tax benefits include being able to deduct interest payments and property tax payments.  Homeowners may also exclude, to a limit, capital gains made on the sale of a home that previous year.  Points paid toward your mortgage to get a better overall interest rate may also be deductible.
Certain environmentally friendly updates made to your home may also be eligible for a tax credit.
As the tax law continually changes and updates it is important to stay on top of what homeowner deductions or credits you may be eligible for.
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